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What’s in a name? Everything

Guest Blogger - Cleland Thorn

Choosing a name for a training business can be tricky when you’re starting out. And it’s not a question of coming up with something because it sounds good.

Remember most of your work will come through your website or someone else’s, so your business name and website url should be the same. This ensures you website and business don’t take on separate identities.

It’s also best to base your business name on a search phrase. This helps with search engine results. If you’re planning to set up a proofreading and copywriting business, call it:

Proofreading training

Then you can use the url:

Your choice will be limited by the domain names available. You may find the one you want is being used by someone else, especially if it’s a popular search phrase.

It’s also worth thinking ahead when you’re choosing a business name. You might just be offering Proofreading training now. But what if you expand and cover copy editing and web editing as well? Then your name will be out of date, and you may be forced to re-brand. This can be expensive and may damage your brand if you’ve built up a good reputation.

It’s worth spending time thinking through your business name. Research it and get plenty of opinions.

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  1. I am always amazed at how poor training providers are when it comes thinking up a name for their business. Either abbreviated initials or just plain bad!! The standard of web presence for most smaller providers is shocking too!

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